Sygard Grytting is one of Norway's oldest wooden hotels -  owned by the same family during the past 700 years.

Sygard Grytting offers stays and meals in an environment where you may experience a cross section of Norwegian history few - if any - other hotels in this
country equal.

From late autumn into early spring the hotel mainly caters for company events/
meetings/ representation of various kinds. The "Høgstugu" - is then used as a
conference room

Additional cultural activities include guided tours through historic buildings, sleigh
rides (winter), folk music, medieval meals, and in August - during the Peer Gynt
festival at Vinstra - a number of activities ranging from the open air Peer Gynt
performance at Gålå (a must both for fans of Henrik Ibsen and others) - to indoor
exhibitions and the open air mountain concert.