We are proud to wish you welcome to The Heritage Hotels of Norway. All our hotels represent important parts of the
Norwegian rural culture history in one or another way. Architecture, food, story telling, and folk culture, are all parts of
what we offer you. All in an authentic environment.

We are not like ordinary hotels because the most buildings have originally been meant for other purposes. 
Among our hotels you will find it all, from old barn houses to pilgrim inns.
And all over you will meet the owners and their families, giving you the feeling of warm, personal and
welcoming atmosphere of real quality where the focus is on you as our guest.

Our kitchens offer local, traditional food based on the very best ingredients, often made on the hotels own farm.
We have traditional Norwegian beer, home made as well. We have selected wines and of course we all offer different
types of Norwegian aquavits. 

In our hotels we also offer a rich diversity of close to nature experiences and activities from fishing and hunting to
guided tours and culture events.

Welcome to the Norwegian Heritage!